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Stay Vulnerable

Sometimes, if not all the time, it is hard to be vulnerable and talk about the sides of yourself that you may not like. Whether it be because those sides are embarrassing, different, unattractive, and so much more, it's hard to put yourself out there and show people that you too, struggle.

But honestly, I believe the most meaningful conversations with loved ones are when one is vulnerable. It shows that we are all human, and nobody is perfect. It's hard to do this though.

Why is that? Well, we're worried people will judge us usually. And sometimes they do! But being brave enough to share those hard details about yourself also could show someone else who struggles with the same thing that they are not alone! And that is a really special thing.

Now, I wouldn't say to pour ones heart out to just anybody. Because that is an excellent way to get burned. But maybe to a trusted loved one. That person will most likely be so thankful you chose them to tell that detail of yourself to them. So I encourage you to be vulnerable to someone you trust today. The outcome may surprise you!

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