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Never know unless you try!

You know that thought that keeps nagging at you that you need to do something else? Something different?

Think about your fairy tale for a second. If you could do anything, what would it be?

Now, start thinking about possibly how to make it happen. Are there contests you could enter? Are there people to connect you? Are there classes you could take?

Google is an amazing thing in this step. Research!

Then...start! Write that book, paint that painting, start the steps to start that business! Start saving your money so you can travel!


What's the worst that could happen? You fail, right? Well, at least you know you tried! And then think about what you learned in the process of trying. And then...

Try again!

Even if the thing, or calling, sounds ridiculous! Ludicrous! Try. If you can't get that idea out of your head for that painting, piece of writing, woodworking sculpture, business, whatever, this is your sign to TRY IT OUT.

You never know, something could happen! And even if it doesn't you had fun working on it.

Take the risk. It'll pay off one way or another.

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