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Body, Mind, and Spirit

The three big ones. The ones that, if we ignore, can lead us to big problems. We all lead busy lives. And when life gets a little too busy, or we get a little too focused on our goals and where we're headed, we tend to forget these three things.

But the body, mind, and spirit (soul) are what keep us going. They keep us functioning. So in order to be healthy humans, we can't neglect them. Yet we all do. And when we neglect one, or two, or all three for too long, bad things happen.


I have a condition called Lupus, among other things. So when I personally neglect my body needing the rest, food, water, and medication it needs, I crash. Hard. Lupus as taught me to listen to my body and not strain myself to the point of a shutdown. Because it can have damaging consequences.

So I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies. STOP, when your body says stop. Exhaustion is a thing and the body can only handle so much abuse before it stops for you.

Some suggestions:

Go to the Doctor and Dentist regularly.

Get enough rest and sleep.

Eat good food and drink water regularly.

Exercise regularly at whatever pace works best for you.

Mind: I also struggle with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety so I struggle a lot with mental health. Slumps are regular as well as depression, bad thoughts, mania, overconfidence, and shopping addictions are a few of the things I struggle with on a daily basis.

Not everyone has a mental health disorder, however, I do believe everyone struggles with mental health in one way or another at least a couple times in their lives. For me, it tends to happen when I'm doing too much, or not doing enough. So life balance is important.

Some Suggestions; Journal


Take further steps with a doctor if necessary

Take any medications as prescribed if necessary


I am a Christian, and Jesus really encompasses the essence of who I am and what I believe about myself and the world. Believing in a higher power really takes the weight off myself to hold the weight of world and puts it on another.

My life is not in my hands and that is actually a relief to me. Jesus also gives me something to live for! He gives me purpose to keep going even when it's extremely hard.

But the spirit encompasses community too. It holds your culture, your people, your identity, and your purpose. When all these are secured, everything else kind of falls into place. So figuring these things out really helps calm the mind and give you reasons to take care of your body. The Spirit gives you a reason to live.

Some Suggestions: Use some quiet time to figure out your community, purpose, gifts, and creative outlets.

Take that community and hold it close.

Start to collect something, photos, moments in life, coins, anything!

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