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My Non Consumerism Journey Part 2

My non consumerism journey has been nonexistent in the past like…year? Okay, confession. I don’t think I was ready. I thought I was. I wanted to be. But I wasn’t. I still had a weird, consumerism, I want it I got it mindset. And I didn’t realize what that mindset could do to me and those around me.

I love pretty, shiny things. I love clothes, makeup, home decor, coffee makers accessories, planners…cute, fluffy, sparkly, colorful things. I am (very) easily influenced when it comes to the next and best. Being bipolar, it makes it harder to be able to control buying urges and I’ve found that FOMO has its own little life of own in my world. I want to be known as the one who knows what’s happening in the world in terms of “stuff” and must own everything to prove it.

“Well that’s just dumb,” most people might say. But I’ll argue that most people have this same urge in SOME aspect of their life, whether it be shopping related or not. Everyone wants to be in the know in some way. I just so happen to want to show it thru what I possess physically.

Now that I know this however, I can work to change some of these habits and urges. In this non consumerism journey, I am going to be focusing on “stuff”. In particular, clothes, makeup, expensive skincare and haircare, books, home goods, electronics, anything I do not NEED to survive. Experiences and services though, I have found, I do not spend a lot on; concerts, travel, hanging out with friends, spa days etc. So these I am free to use my money on. Which is why I called this a non consumerism journey instead of a no spend year.

Every day I go without buying an item I get a sticker in my planner. I know, that doesn’t seem very rewarding but work with me here. After the year and four months has ended I will count up my stickers and see how many days I went!

To be successful at a challenge like this, especially if you work in retail, you need an accountability partner…or eight. So I will be asking some of my friends to join me on this journey. As well as giving updates on how I’m doing biweekly.

Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two on this journey and hopefully I’ll be able to learn some contentment, enjoy the things I already have, and have some peace of not always scrambling to get the greatest and best.

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