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My Fashion Journey

I actually started my fashion journey back in 2011 I believe. I grew up as a tomboy, yet super creative. I couldn't paint or draw or do anything like that however, so when I discovered the show What Not to Wear, a practical show showing women how to dress their best, I was hooked.

Clothes became a way for me to express myself artistically without the paintbrush! I loved patterns and colors and mixing everything together, daring myself to make it work.

I really didn't know what I was doing but It was so much fun! Then I discovered magazines and really saw what the art of fashion could be. I knew then that fashion, and my look in general, was my art.

So I went to school to learn more about fashion world and clothing construction. I worked in clothing stores to be around what I loved all the time. And I continued exploring my own look.

My style is still evolving but I think the most important thing I have learned throughout my journey is that if one wears what one wants, without shame, is beautiful. One's appearance is a demonstration of who one is and who one wants to put out into the world., whether fashion is important to that person or not.

So I encourage people to take a chance and find a passion as I have in fashion. It really does give one a purpose and an art, both of which are important in this world.

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