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What to Wear for an Interview

Interviews of any kind can be totally intimidating. Whether it's for a job, an internship, an academic program or a personal interview, they are generally, and unfortunately, very important. Never has there been a time when the famous first impression has been more crucial.

Now, in high school, I was taught to tone down the personal style and wear generic, universal clothes that are modest and (yes) even plain. As you can imagine, I was slightly appalled. Just because you are trying to impress someone who may not have the same style as you, doesn't mean you have to totally throw it to the wind!

Wear colors that REALLY do go together. To be safe, wear one color on top and then grey or black on bottom, or vise versa. That way, there's no question! I wore similar colors that all go together with a grey sweater on top.Make sure every thing fits too! It looks sloppy if your jacket is a little too big or your hem is a little too long.

Next, shoes!

Heels? Not necessarily. If you have a good, professional pair, go for it! But if you're tottering toward your interviewer, not a good look. Ballet flats or nice loafers will work too. Bag? Just make sure it goes with your outfit and I'd recommend not taking your school backpack.With makeup, keep it simple and natural. Same with jewelry. You want your interviewer to be focused on YOU not your pound of giant necklaces or your sparkly makeup.Hopefully these tips are helpful, but above everything else, make sure how you dress makes you feel confident! The more confident you feel, the more likely it'll show to the interviewer. Which is what they want to see.

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