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'Tis the Season for Community!

Your community is basically your people. Who are the people in your life that support you and love you and cherish you? This is your community.

Now, a community can be really small. Like three or four people small. But they can also be larger. It's sometimes hard to develop a community, especially in life changes, such as moving.

But community is SOOOOOO important. It is really hard to go through life alone. I'd say impossible. It is important to have people around you that know you and love you and care about you in times of trouble and in times of triumph.

In times of trouble, when everything is going wrong, one needs PEOPLE not one person, to lift one up and take them by the hand and lead them through life when life is just exhausting.

And I enunciate people because no one person can be ones only support system. That doesn't bode well on either party. The one gets burned out while the other feels unloved and not cared for.

I encourage you to go find your community in 2023. Or, if you already have one, to really focus on it and cement those relationships, as well as bring in new ones!

May 2023 bring lots of joy and peace in your relationships both new and old!

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