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This is where I come in a say that having a community of SOME SORTS is so important.

I have been struggling for a while now emotionally and physically from various ailments and struggling alone sucks.

I tried that. I try it every time I struggle actually. Just hoping it'll go away and get better on its own. And sometimes it does! But when it's a season of pain, you need a community of people that know the situation and can be there to help, support, and pray for you.

What I do when I'm in a time of struggle is send a mass text out for prayer and support. The result is overwhelming. Every. Time.

In times of struggle, a community is what keeps you going. In times of joy and happiness, a community celebrates with you.

There are just certain things you cannot do for yourself. So again! I urge you to take the leap and build that community to help sustain you. It is important.

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