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Retail Therapy

Why does "stuff" have such a hold on me? It's incredible how inanimate objects can have such power.

I am about a week in a half into my challenge and BOY! It is HARD. Harder than I imagined. I think for me it's the impulse purchases. I see it, I want it, I buy it. Simple as that. And that is such a privileged mentality! Not everyone, in fact very few, can afford this mentality either.

But it is where I am. I cannot deny it. And it's hard. When I'm having a bad day or my mind won't shut up I tend to calm everything down with a new something. And now that I'm denying myself this coping mechanism, my brain doesn't know where to go! It's sad but true.

I wonder how many other people out there use retail therapy as a true coping strategy? I'm sure more than I know. It seems harmless when you're using it, especially when you're within your means, but what it does to your mind? It's an addiction.

I really hate admitting this. But this is the truth. This is the truth that I have discovered and it is an addition I am really hoping to break. It'll take work. But hopefully it'll happen with time.

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