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New Day's, New Opportunities

It's a beautiful day! I'm wearing smiley faces and it's awesome.

Getting toward Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years, now would be a great time to start reflecting on the past year and how it's gone.

For me, there have been definite ups and downs. But that's everyone right?

I had declared I was doing a no buy starting last May and I have done a spectacularly horrific job of that. BUT!

With every new day comes new opportunities! So I'm going to try again with every new day. Starting...NOW! Only buying necessities for a year is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Mainly because I believe consuming is my addiction. And I believe God is asking me to fast from this addiction for a considerable amount of time to try and control and manage this addiction.

Fasting is something that I think we all should take a crack at! Is there something in your life you need to take a break from? Social media, consuming, alcohol, food, TV, anything! It reminds us that our addiction is not us. It is not our identity.

Maybe try taking one thing out that is not so helpful in our lives and replacing it with something good! Now, what that swap is? That's up to you. But try to keep a record of it somewhere and see how you do! And don't give up WHEN you fall. Cause you will fall. Just pick yourself up, and try again the next day.

New days, new opportunities.

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