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Mad House

You know those mirrors that distort how you look? Well, our brains can do that too. Not just distort how we look physically to ourselves but how we're doing in terms of career, family, academics, independence, or lack there of.

In fact, it's really easy for the brain to distort how we see ourselves.

But when one really thinks about it, what is really driving those thoughts? Whose standards is one trying to meet? Maybe a parent? A partner? Society? Does it matter?

One is where they are for a reason. Whether they think it a step back or forward, it doesn't matter. It's a journey and we're all living it together.

We should be encouraging one another not tearing each other down! And another thing to remember is that we are each dealt our own set of cards, with our own gifts and setbacks. And we can't compare those gifts and setbacks because it's like comparing frogs and birds.

Everyone is different, beautifully and wonderfully made.

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