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Life isn't as it Seems

I was reading an article about how artificial life can be, Especially on social media. When one posts about their fantastic life, just remember it is a snapshot of a person's life. They are not showing you the bad and ugly, they are just showing you the good. And it can make people feel inadequate. Like their life isn't as...fill in the blank.

But in reality, even people who have really busy and life filled lives, sometimes want the mundane, read a book with your coffee and your dog kinda life as well. So TRY not to compare. One shouldn't compare one's life circumstances, beauty, or smarts to anybody else. I include these three specifically because these are the three I struggle with the most. But let me know what you struggle with so I can encourage you in your comparison journey!

Life as we see it is more artificial than we know. So remember that next time you feel the green monster of envy creeping in.

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