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It's a New Month!

Hello July! I'm not going to lie. I completely failed by first full month of my no buy. BUT! July is a new month and a new chance to do the thing! That's the beauty of new months, weeks, days, and years! You can start again. Every single one is a fresh start. When bad seasons come, the good thing is they go too. If you're tired and grumpy one day, tomorrow you can try to be happy! if you're going through a rough patch, there's ALWAYS time to change it.

If you're slacking on your goals, (I feel you), every month creates new moments to bring those goals back to your priority list. Try this trick that I try to always do:

Have a reset day every month to reset your life. Have a stay at home spa day, relax, take some time to go through your goals and routines. See what's working and what needs to be tweaked. But in the end just remember that you get a fresh start every day. The only thing is are you going to take it?

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