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Get Up and Get Ready!

Hi everyone! I think, with many of us still working from home, it deems relevant to right now as well, to think about how we dress and present ourselves to ourselves, and not just people around us or to the public.

I, personally, always feel better when I get dressed and put a little bit of makeup on. (not always with the makeup but most days), just because I feel more put together and ready for the day. If you work from home, pretend you're going to the office! Getting ready really can make a person feel more productive. Now, I'm not saying you have to dress in a suit or get all super fancy, you can!, but I'm more getting to putting on a pair of jeans and a nicer top. Maybe some mascara and lipstick, and a cute earring!

Setting up a basic morning routine is really helpful in getting ready for whatever the day has for you. So instead of just rolling outta bed and heading for the computer, just try getting up a tiny bit earlier and enjoying your coffee and maybe reading a poem and then getting dressed and ready for the day. Seriously, just try it.

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