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Body Image

Body image is something I think most people on this earth struggle with. It is something called body shame and it is actually becoming more of a focal point in the media.

Our bodies are truly incredible things. They were made to pull us through this life, get us from place to place, and shield our insides. Now, that doesn't mean people aren't happy with them. Some bodies don't work properly. Some bodies don't look the way we would like them to. Sometimes it's all of the above!

But I believe God created each and every body, and that makes each and every body special and cherished. Sometimes it doesn't work or look right but sometimes we don't either. Sometimes we mess up or are sloppy on the inside and we have to give ourself compassion and grace in those moments. Our body image is the same. We need to give our bodies grace and not judge it so harshly when all it's trying to do is survive and thrive. If and when you are listening to voices about your body, whether internal, external or both, think about what it's really for, and don't use it as a measuring stick.

Take care of it but don't abuse it. And taking care of your own body will look so different for every single person. Seek professional care when needed, and don't ignore your bodies' cries for attention. Cherish it and treat it as a temple no matter what is looks like or how it works. One may be surprised by the outcome.

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